Yesterday at work I sent out an email to see if I could gather support for another crazy fundraising idea. This time it was waxing my legs. I have never done this so for me its rather insane.
My email out is below.

Valeries beauty clinic has come to the rescue to wax my legs. . Thanks Valerie.



As some of you are aware I am cycling next month 300km for charity from Geelong to Warrnambool. For most of you this wont raise an eyebrow as I have ridden this far before.

In a bid to raise $2,000+ for the Fred Hollows foundation (2013 Australian Charity of the Year) I am going to do something totally insane. I am going to wax my legs!!! Please note I have never done this before (See below video of Pain levels). Leg waxing has been ranked by some as more painful than getting a tattoo. I am rather nervous.

My hope is I we will raise $2,000+ which will give 80 people the gift of sight. Each operation only costs $25 which is amazing.

What I am Looking for
I am looking for 20+ awesome people to be part of putting me through a lot of pain and in the process raise over $2,000.

How it works

$25 per wax strip (YOUR DONATION – tax deductible) + $25 I will donate + BOQ matching $50 = $100 (Four peoples sight and their world changed)

Tax Deductible receipt
A tax receipt will be emailed to you automatically. Once you have donated on the link below I will jump on my page and match your donation (Max total $1,500) then BOQ will match the total up to $1,000.

Be part of changing people’s world —>

Fred Hollows

This is the sort of pain I am going to be going through. Please note these legs have never been waxed before!!!. Example of the Pain