Hi fellow cyclists. 

This is an update from ADRA on the project overall:

All three schools identified as options for €˜SAFE€™ schools have no had protective fencing installed and support through the project to establish policies and practices to not only provide security, but a more supportive learning environment for albino students.

  • Approx 230 albino school students have been directly impacted as a result.
  • Approximately 600 people are participating in ADRA€™s savings and loans programs as part of the project €“ essentially this means albinos or parents of albinos now have been trained with business and practical skills to earn an income, that many previously couldn€™t. This has also dramatically increased their social standing. Plus, by integrating them with non-albino citizens it is helping to normalise their situation and thus reduce the deadly stigma that exists.
  • The types of business they have been able to start include things like hairdressers, restaurants (small) and mechanic services. (There is a picture in the folder of two participants in the ADRA Connections trip helping to paint one of these restaurants).
  • More than 800 Tanzanians with albinism have been provided with vital health services such as skin checks and providing sun glasses.

The impact of the London 2 Paris cycle trip and the Swiss trip is pretty amazing:

  • The funds raised have meant that an extra school (bringing the total to 4) is now able to have a protective fence built and become a €˜SAFE€™ school for albinos. The wall is still under construction (as is the school). The recent ADRA Connections trip helped continue this process and the school is planned to be operational by the end of the year.
  • You can truly tell your donors that without their support this school, and its future albino students, would not be changing lives like it will!

Thanks again for all your support! Look forward to riding a fair way behind you in February€¦