Where: Luzern
Distance: 1,320 km


Luzern is a beautiful city nestled between mountains, with a lovely lake lapping on its shores. About seven years earlier I had visited the town with my brother and was looking forward to re-acquainting myself with it.


Luzern Part 1






What the tourist office doesn€™t tell you that you can do in Luzern.

That morning Trent and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the Luzern train station. While we devoured our breakfast we met a local (Claudia) who was giving us the run down on why cows had bells and how the Swiss had managed to stay on the fence during world affairs. When I told her of my plans to swim down the Luzern river she was a little surprised and warned me of the recent deaths as a result of the swollen rivers.



After breakfast and before I changed my mind we headed to the river. At first the river is slow moving but it quickly becomes a raging torrent.


My dilemma of how to change out of my cycle gear into my swimmers was solved using a lift which operated from street level to the top of an overpass. It is surprising how quickly you can whip on and off clothes when you are riding in a clear lift.


Jumping into the Luzern river, I felt a little silly. Tourists sitting in cafes overlooking the river must have wondered what was going on. Even the swans moved forward as I walked into the water as if I was going to feed them. Then when I jumped in the water they seemed to have a puzzled look on their face.


Luzern Part 2



Luzern Part 3



A little apprehension and some adrenaline rush and the swim down the river was over. With the mission complete Trent and I headed off all smiles on our cycle for the day.