Eyes for India

Q1. What is the main focus of your charity?

Eyes for India aims to give back the lives of the 15 million blind people in India, including many
young children who suffer from operable cataracts. As a Christian ministry project operated by It
Is Written Oceania, our goal is to follow the example of Jesus Christ. Mark 8:25 says “Once more
Jesus put His hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he
saw everything clearly.” So in partnership with the Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital and specialist
ophthalmologist Dr Jacob Prabhakar, Eyes for India is able to provide 300+ surgeries a day at a
cost of just $75 each including pre-operative assessments, time at hospital, post-operative follow
up, and literature in their language. This literature includes a Hindi Bible along with spiritual and
health literature to help them prevent cataracts in their family and vaillage. Lives are being turned
around as patients are able to return to being productive members of their communities, no longer
reliant on others for everything. As one lady put it, she no longer has to ask her grandson to take
her to the toilet, she can do it on her own again.

Q2. How important are donations to your charity?

While $75 is cheap by western standards for cataract surgery it is still a cost that must be covered.
Eyes for India operates as a part of It Is Written Oceania and does not receive any government
funding, so we rely 100% on donations. Without your support, this life-changing work cannot continue.

Q3. What difference will your donation make?

Your donation will completely change the lives of people in India. Simarjeet, a 14-year-old girl
from the village of Agarpura told us that she can no longer cook, clean or read. She is so excited
to be able to cook again, to clean, to read, and most of all, to go to school. Your gift will make
it possible for another boy or girl just like her to be able to go to school. It will enable a father
to see his children again and provide for his family. It will give back the blessing of sight. $75
will help one person experience the joy of sight again. $375 will give five people the ability to
return to work. $975 will enable 13 people to see and to share in their village what they have
learned about preventing cataracts. $2,475 will enable 33 people to see and to spread the
life-changing message of hope. Imagine if your baby boy was blind. What impact would just
$75 make on the rest of his life so he could see?