Q1. What is the main focus of your charity?

Bikes 4 Life is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that alleviates poverty and social injustice in
Australia and overseas by recycling bikes that would often become landfill.

With the simple gift of a bicycle, families can enhance their standard of living dramatically, especially
those in the most marginalised impoverished communities. By providing a sustainable form of transport
to those most in need, Bikes 4 Life lays the foundations for social and economic empowerment.
Our work has transformed the lives of many families by widening employment opportunities, gaining easier
access to remote sources of food and water and ensuring that children are able to regularly attend schools,
thus becoming the most essential tool for any family living in extreme poverty.
It is the mission of Bikes 4 Life to replace the cycle of poverty with the cycle of hope.

Q2. How important are donations to your charity?

Bikes 4 Life is entirely run and managed by volunteers, which means any type of donation, sponsorship,
grants and or corporate partners is essential to our cause. Whether it is funds, bikes, tools and or bike
accessories, we always appreciate more donations because we not only distribute bikes to vulnerable
remote communities but aim to implement a sustainable project by partnering with established charities
on the ground. We gift shipping containers that transforms into a workshop complete with tools and
parts, thus providing a sustainable avenue for any further maintenance that may be required in the future.
This may involve creating jobs for local
youths or simply providing a safe space to learn and become a
leader in their own right. For every new project, Bikes 4 Life sends a volunteer bicycle mechanic to
a two week bike maintenance course where different communities are encouraged to work together,
therefore creating positive social interaction amongst leaders
and youths. Evidently, donations are vital
to Bikes 4 Life and even more so for the families we are lifting out of poverty.

Q3. What difference will your donation make?

All donations whether big or small would be invaluable to Bikes 4 Life. We create, enhance and save lives
with simple bike donations. How powerful is that? We encourage everyone to get behind us, however
you can, our projects are costly but worth every cent. Our impact is significant and often forever
changed for the better. Whenever and wherever we can, Bikes 4 Life will continue to reduce poverty in
Australia and around the world. Thank you for supporting us! One of our hard working volunteers, Joel,
said something quite profound: Our positive energy does not evaporate after our jobs are complete,
it is merely transferred to others who are receiving these bicycles. Thus, the positive energy cycle continues.
Now tell me, who does not want to be a part of that? Join us!