Offline Fundraising

Your grandma or other friends and colleagues might want to give you cash, rather than sponsoring you online. Also you may find yourself with a wad of cash after a fund raising event. Whenever you have any cash donations here is what you need to do:

You can view all our riders on the following page: 25000spins.com. Each 25000spins rider has their own sponsorship website. You can access it by clicking on our riders.

Option 1.

You can go to your sponsorship page and make the total payment of monies collected with your credit card. If your offline sponsors require a tax deductible receipt, simply fill out their contact details and pay with your credit card and they will receive their receipt.

Option 2

If you prefer not to use your credit card, download the Offline_Donation_form and fill in the personal details of all your sponsors that require a tax deductible receipt. Receipts will be issued directly to them. Send this form to support@gofundraise.com.au and post the cheque or deposit the money with your chosen charity. If you require the charities bank details 25000spins will be happy to pass on the charity contacts details so they can give you the relevant bank details. Please contact 25000spins via email or phone.