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What is your favourite regular ride

My favourite ride that I like to do when ever I am down around Kingscliff in Northern New South Wales, is nicked names the Tick Gate. Its a ride from the coast at Kingscliff inland and into Queensland, finishing at the Natural Bridge National Park. It starts for a ride along the coast before heading inland towards Murwillumbah where you encounter the first mountain range with a climb through rainforests before desending into sugar cain fields where you can really stretch out the pace for about 25k’s, skirting the back of Murwillumbah before heading back into rain forests. The ride culminates with a 5km, 350m climb up to the Queensland Boarder where the gradient gets steeper nearing the top with the last km at a 20% climb. Once at the top though its all worth it with a spectacular view back out to the ocean. If inclined a role down the hill on the Queensland side for about 2k’s will lead to the the Natural Bridge before retracing the steps back to Kingscliff. Here is a Strava link for the ride http://www.strava.com/activities/50856013. If in the area its a great ride, especially early in the morning

What is your favourite 25000spins ride and why?

Well 25000spins does a great job at finding brilliant places to ride so it’s a difficult decision. The two European rides would have to be the best, the Swiss ride is amazing scenery, the accomplishment of climb the alps and mountain bike riding through snow in St Moritz can only be a bucket list achievement I will Treasure for a long time. But the London to Paris is such an epic ride it has to be no 1. There is something about Leaving London and arriving in Paris, these two world stage cities that provides an amazing sense of achievement. Thats only compounded by the differing scenery from quaint English Village to Romantic French town and the culmination with a lap of the Arch de Triumph. And if that’s not enough you get to bath in the party atmosphere of the culmination of the Tour de France.

What has been the best part about partnering with 25000spins and ADRA?

It’s made me realise that that there is a way I can use my passion of cycling to help others, and to help ADRA in particular. While I know there are many charity rides in Australia, and while they are all good causes this is one of very few that helps to provide the basic needs to those with very little. I have experienced how ADRA has helped people in need an how it affects there lives, and 25000spins has provided me an avenue to use what is a big part of my life to help ADRA and to help those who are in need. It has also been a conduit to inform friends and work colleagues about ADRA and the change that it provides. While I have wanted to be more charity minded and one day maybe go on a fly and build somewhere or conjure up some courage to knock on doors, this is something where all I had to do was ride a bike, well anyone can do that!