Virtual Events

25000spins aims to give you an adventure which is not only amazing but affordable. Virtual events can be almost as engaging as the physical events. They are free for you to join and you will be part  of the event every step of the way. You will receive emails, text messages and phone calls from our team and the charity you are cycling for. 

Is a Virtual Event for me?

So what do I need to do?

  1. Go to the trip finder on our website.
  2. Click on REGISTER TO RIDE on your preferred adventure.
  3. Select Virtual Event which is Free on sign up.
  4. Complete the registration process.

What happens now that I signed up for Free?

  1. You will be part of the event team. We will begin to send you emails, text messages and keep you informed in the lead up to the actual event.
  2. For our virtual event riders you will cycle the course thanks to our partner Rouvy . You will need to create an account to be able to access the course with Rouvy. Go to Rouvy and get yourself all setup.

How do I Virtually ride with the 25000spins team?

  1. Now that you are setup on Rouvy in your living room we recommend you begin training and fundraising.
  2. Log into Rouvy for your training or go outdoors for a physical ride.
  3. When the big day of the actual physical event is to begin we ask you to log into Rouvy and select the virtual event uploaded by 25000spins when its available (1 day after the actual event starts).

Why is the virtual event one day after the physical event?

The reason is we are filming the actual event as it happens which we will upload that evening for you to cycle the following day.  You will be cycling and seeing exactly the same sights as we will be. At least 30km of each day will be uploaded from the trip for you to ride virtually in your living room. How awesome is that. Cannot join us in France, New Zealand or any of our amazing destinations then cycle from the comfort of your living room and see the exact same scenery passing you by.

How do I get my FREE JERSEY OFFER?

For riders that raise over $500* we will send you a free cycle jersey the same as the riders are wearing on the physical event.

*You must reach this at least 6 weeks before the event starts so we can add your jersey to the order.

See Rouvy in action


  1. I joined the virtual event for free but now wish to join the actual event. What can I do? Well you simply need to pay the registration fee and reach or exceed the minimum fundraising required. To arrange this simply email adventures@25000spins.com
  2. Do I need any equipment to join the virtual event? Yes you will need to get setup with Rouvy please read carefully the how it works section on the Rouvy website. https://rouvy.com/en/how-it-works 
    Yes, you will need your bike, an indoor trainer and to download and set-up Rouvy on your device.  There is a small monthly subscription fee for Rouvy.  Check out all the details, including how to get set-up on the Rouvy website. https://rouvy.com/en/how-it-works
  3. Do I need to fundraise? There is no fundraising minimum required to join the virtual event but we hope that you embrace the spirit of the 25000spins adventures. Our core mission is to help people in poverty. When you raise over $500 we will post you a free cycling jersey.