What is your favourite regular ride

My favourite regular ride is from home to Wynnum and then along the bayside following the various points – Manly, Lota, Thorneside, Wellington Point, Cleveland Point, Point O’Halloran and Victoria Point. If I do them all its about 80 kilometres – but you can do as much as you have time for. If I really feel like a challenge – West Mt Cotton Road will sort the men from the boys. Here is a Strava link to part of it and here is the second part.

What is your favourite 25000spins ride and why?

Who can have a favourite – they are all good in their own way, but if I had to choose one it would be London to Paris. The Great Ocean Road is the signature ride and it is great but there is a romantic ring about London and Paris that takes you out of the familiar. The country side is fabulous with the country lanes, the harvest fields and shady woods. There is something exotic about coming over the hill and seeing the Eiffel tower in the distance and who can beat doing loops around the Arch de Triumph. Plenty of hills to challenge but also wonderful valleys and open landscapes to enjoy.

What has been the best part about partnering with 25000spins and ADRA?

25000 spins gives you an opportunity to do something to help those people who are in desperate need, in parts of the world where there is no safety, little food and a lot of suffering and at the same time do something that is so enjoyable and challenging as riding in these classic places. It give you something to work towards keeps you fit and helps to extend your life. I would never have raised over $20,000 for these ADRA projects if it had not been for 250000 spins and you can have confidence that ADRA will use the money where it is most needed.