Tear Fund


Q1. What is the main focus of your charity?

Freedom is a basic human right. Yet there are more people enslaved today than any
time in human history. TEAR Fund has a hunger for justice and is committed to addressing
the issue of sex trafficking holistically through empowerment, rescue, prosecution and
restoration. The humble bike is a universal symbol of hope and freedom. TEAR Fund is building a
community on the move for freedom. Join TEAR Fund’s community by getting on your bike and
ensure vulnerable children are protected, innocent lives rescued, perpetrators brought to justice
and broken lives restored.

Q2. How important are donations to your charity?

Freedom is costly! But so are the lives of these innocent children and women. Your
donation is critical for them and to our fight for freedom. We’re facing a very
sophisticated enemy so we have to be well equipped. Every dollar you raise is
precious to saving lives.

Q3. What difference will your donation make?

These girls are somebody’s daughter! Unless we see them like this we will never
bring change. Your hard earned donation will have a huge impact on their live
bringing freedom, prosecution, rehabilitation and empowerment. To give you
an example of the direct impact you’re making: A gift of $50 provides the initial
legal support for a victim of trafficking; $100 provides an aftercare “love package”
for a rescued person and $5,000 is what it costs to resource a brothel raid bringing
freedom to women and children. The average age of a victim of sex trafficking is
just 12 years old. This is a gross exploitation of innocence. It is expensive work
but freedom has always been costly.