Fundraising Profile Claire Pizzey

Q1: What have you been doing to fundraise?

My approach has been to excite people to consider donating to the ride by offering a prize if they make a donation. Because I felt the request to donate occurs so frequently among my friends and also in the community I wanted to firstly capture their attention with a prize offer before sharing my request and more information about why I am asking for their financial support. I approached friends and cold called other businesses I knew sold products or services my friends would find attractive. I post a new prize every few days on Facebook and Instagram and have sent emails to work colleagues and those who don’t use social media. Friends can win the prize by being the next person to make a donation after posting the prize on these social channels. My fundraising page is the anchor for information about the prizes and indicates when they have been won. So far I have offered 7 prizes with another 5-6 confirmed, and planning to complete my fundraising campaign with a large significant prize on 31 January!

Q2: How have you found peoples interest in what you are doing?

Interest began quickly as I offered a prize that money couldn’t buy, three days at my brother in law’s Brighton Bathing Box with a bottle of champagne too. The level of interest has depended on the type of prize, some have been won within 1hr of posting, others took over a day before someone donated. January has been a tricky month as people are still on holidays and stretched after the costs of Christmas and holidays. I have also needed to remind friends in person about my FB feed.

Q3: Have there been any surprises or interesting things happen to you as you fundraise?

I have been surprised as how generous friends and business people I don’t know have offered to donate a prize, the highest has been $270 in value.

Q4: How is your training coming along?

A ride up Arthurs Seat reminded me that I need to ride more often during the week! I saw 2 men ride up twice, however I was the only lady there that morning so it made up for the slow pace I was travelling. My goal is to ride every 3 days and ensure the ride includes some notable hills to strengthen my legs and also prepare my derriere!

Q5: What has kept you motivated to raise so much money?

I am still a fair way from my target of $5000 which was potentially set a little high however I did this to again capture friends attention and show them how serious I am about the work of alleviating child poverty for my chosen charity Compassion. I also enjoy making people smile and giving gifts is a great way. Hearing people’s encouragement is also a motivator.