ADRA Australia

Q1 What is the main focus of your charity?

ADRA Australia is an agency that is fully-accredited with the Australian government, but is also part of a worldwide network of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency that has a presence in 125 countries. ADRA Australia primarily engages in sustainable community development and emergency management in Australia, the South Pacific, Asia and Africa. In collaboration with ADRA implementing offices, governments, other agencies and organisations, ADRA partners with communities in need to facilitate positive change and address social justice.

In Australia, ADRA helps to provide community services such as community centres, youth resilience projects, women’s refuges and op-shops. Overseas ADRA implements food security, health, education, economic development and civil society strengthening community development projects.

Q2 How important are donations to your charity?

Donations are vital to ADRA Australia’s ability to run development and emergency management projects in Australia and overseas. As part of the ADRA network, ADRA Australia’s purpose as a donor office is to help support ADRA implementing offices in developing countries by providing the funds needed for projects.

Through the generosity of people that support ADRA Australia financially, ADRA is able to make a difference in the lives of people that are hungry, abused, mistreated, displaced, poor, disadvantaged, neglected, sick, dying, vulnerable, illiterate and addicted, or experiencing financial hardship, loss, civil unrest and other struggles.

Q3 What difference will the following amounts of money make?

You can be an agent of change for people in poverty. By helping to support ADRA Australia’s projects, you can bring joy, hope and healing to a person or a community facing poverty or hardship. By raising the following amounts, you can make a difference in someone’s life.

  • For $250, you can help purchase a bio-gas stove for a Nepali family in need, helping them reduce their impact on their local environment and enabling them to save time for essential activities.
  • The Nepali government provides a funding match for bio-gas stoves, producing the total of $500 needed.
  • For $500, you can provide a treadle pump for a community in Zambia that will transport water to up to 10 farms, irrigating crops and providing vital food supplies for families and people in need.
  • For $1,064, you can provide 14 counselling sessions through an ADRA Centre for a person or people experiencing brokenness and heartache as a result of abuse, addiction, mistrust, neglect, loss or financial hardship.
  • For $4,500 you can help provide a water storage tank for up to 200 people in Vanuatu, providing them with better access to clean water and helping to reduce the incidence of water-borne diseases such as chronic diarrhoea, typhoid and malaria.

Thank you for your generosity and support!