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Fundraising Profile Steven Ryan

Q1: What have you been doing to fundraise?

I came up with a creative campaign name and some cool ideas through brainstorming with friends (MoobsOnBikes) and I have since set up a website (moobsonbikes.com), instagram and am working on getting a FB page up. I have been updating my personal FB after each ride and am not taking myself to seriously in these posts. 

  • Steven Ryan
  • Steven Ryan
    Steven Ryan


    Q2: How have you found peoples interest in what you are doing?

    People have been really interested by the name of the campaign and also by the fact that I would want to ride a bike! They are impressed that I am willing to give 290 Km a go and are usually happy to donate as they view it as a real challenge to myself.

    Q3: Have there been any surprises or interesting things happen to you as you fundraise?

    I have had a few large donations that were anonymous which I found interesting and also I feel more motivated to ride with every donation I get.

    Q4: How is your training coming along?

    Training was poor to start with then just when I started to get into it I found out that if you break really hard on the front break you will go over the handle bars... Wasn't fun getting into a fight with the road and its's knocked me off the bike for a few days but I can get on the trainer at home and get some rides in still!

    Q5: What has kept you motivated to raise so much money?

    I had the opportunity to go with ADRA on a trip to the Philippines and saw the work that is being done there. It really made me realise the impact that ADRA NZ has overseas and I am willing to put my body on the line to fundraise so that they can continue doing the work they do!

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