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Fundraising Profile Rowan and Carolyn Campbell

Q1: What have you been doing to fundraise?

My son and I have brainstormed lots of ideas from which his top was a Bunnings BBQ. Unfortunately, the Public Liability etc makes things like that unfeasible for most individuals these days, so my husband and I kick-started his fund raising ourselves to encourage both Rowan himself and to encourage other family and friends. So far that hasn't really flowed onwards, but that can sometimes be a last minute thing, especially as most of the family is in Victoria and will see us as we depart for the ride. He has therefore set about breeding and selling rabbits and guinea pigs, raising over $300 with his first batch, although not all have been picked up yet. He hopes to double that before the ride and in the meantime friends with a B&B have offered a weekend stay as a raffle prize and he has been sorting out some items from around the place and cleaning them up to sell on ebay or Gumtree.
While Rowan raises his bunnies, I have been baking bread, both fruit loaves and olive with feta, to sell at work and have so far raised over $100. Unfortunately, it is HOT in the kitchen, so I have capped the loaves/week and started working on some of my days off from the hospital picking blueberries at a local farm. Some friends are coming with me and will be also donating their "Blueberry" earnings! A great chance to get into the fresh air, spend time chatting and still work towards the target. It is conveniently a round trip of 22km to the farm so is a good excuse to get the bike out. I have also joined Rowan in a general cleanup and have been refurbishing some unused horse equipment to sell. If all else fails, a couple of overtime shifts at work will get us both over the line!

  • rabbit
  • rabbit

    Q2: How have you found peoples interest in what you are doing?

    People have been very supportive and very active in coming on rides with me and getting me going. Rowan is "going" all the time so doesn't need much motivation and usually rides to school and back - a round trip of 28kms. I often ride to work these days (only7kms each way) but seeing us arrive in our riding gear definitely gets people talking and asking questions. People have been universal in their praise for the Fred Hollows Foundation but with so many events and causes needing funds it is often a non financial support that is offered.


    Q3: Have there been any surprises or interesting things happen to you as youfundraise?

    I have been surprised that although actual finances have been slow to come in, help has not. Both Rowan and I have received items such as helmets, gloves, glasses and cycling clothes which we have never needed before and which gave us a great start to our training - a bit like putting on your uniform to go and get the job done, proper jerseys and kicks get your head in the right space for a ride and I definitely recommend it.

  • bread
  • bread


    Q4: How is your training coming along?

    We have yet to do a ride longer than 40km but had no trouble getting that done, although I admit that there was no headwind, fairly gentle hills and not much traffic. We are pretty busy with work/school, family, farm and sport so the cycling needs to incorporated into our daily lives. We don't get much chance to do dedicated rides, but have set time aside each weekend now for 40 - 60km rides so that our heads get confident that we can do it!


    Q5: What has kept you motivated to raise so much money?

    Rowan loves the Fred Hollows add "every eye is an eye". He is all about equal opportunity and he is right into Life, so Vision for All strongly appeals. Before he was born my husband and I worked for 6yrs in central Africa and had opportunity to see over and over again the life changing difference a little assistance makes to people who don't have much and expect even less. (I worked as a nurse and midwife in a small rural health centre and Paul built houses and improved water supply) To see a blind grandmother helpless in her new role as mother to her grandchildren after the death of her own daughter suddenly be given back her sight and be able to provide for them is one snapshot of our time there that I will never forget.
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