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Fundraising Profile Wayne Born

Q1: What have you been doing to fundraise?

My fundraising has had three facets:-

  1. First, talk to any one and everyone I come in contact with about my 25000 spins adventure. We printed up some small pieces of paper with a short description of what we’re doing and the link, which I carry in my wallet. They don’t seem to have been too successful, people promise with no follow through. 
  2. Second, I’ve sent out emails; From 10 weeks out I have done a countdown till “the rubber hits the road.” This consisted of my “Seven Reasons for doing the Great Ocean road ride.” I am simply sharing from my heart the reasons the ride is important to me, nothing spectacular or earth shattering, just my journey to this point.
  3. Third, as I run a small business I am personally asking of my customers and suppliers to support and help those living in poverty.  
  4. I have also put a couple of posts on Facebook, so I guess that’s four:-)

I’m not one who is comfortable promoting things or asking for help or money, so I’ve kept my fundraising fairly low key. My focus has not been so much on asking for help as it has telling a story, in fact as I look back at my first three emails, I didn’t ask at all, I tried to build a little curiosity and invited those who wanted to know more to check out my page.


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    Q2: How have you found peoples interest in what you are doing?

    I’ve found that people are are curious to find out more and they show a genuine interest in why and how and where. When I run into people that are aware of what I’m doing, they are now the ones who ask how it’s going, often very early in the conversation.

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    Q3: Have there been any surprises or interesting things happen to you as you fundraise?

    Probably the surprising thing has been that people want to help, and often I get an email to say that someone has added to my fundraising account when I least expected it.
    I recently did what I considered to be a warranty job for a customer. A timber desk top which housed a piece of glass had shrunk forcing the glass out of it’s housing and damaging the surrounding timber. I repaired the affected area and went on my way leaving behind one of my small fundraising notes. A day later I received a text asking what was owed for the work performed, my response read - No worries _ _ _, no charge:-) but I am doing a charity bicycle ride and would be grateful if you could sponsor me. The link to my fundraising page is … I left a little note about it with my business card on your desk. Great to see you again, Wayne.
    About three weeks later there was a donation of $250 made into my fundraising account. I was dumbfounded!

    Q4: How is your training coming along?

    I am blessed to be a part of a group of men (mostly younger than I) who cycle most Sunday mornings to enjoy the fresh morning air and celebrate being alive and have a bit of chin wag along the way, this has kept me motivated and helped in my recovery post financial disaster and hernia op. My son Daniel has been riding with us(and me) for about two years now and he has just recently turned the tables from being on my back wheel to showing me (regularly) his back wheel. We spur each other on and now I am motivated to try to keep up with him, so my fitness level is the best it’s been in a good while:-) We recently rode the Bris to Gold coast Santos 100km challenge and the Tour de Tamborine 50km. Both helped to prepare for the coming adventure. Currently adding some hill work to our routine in prep for The Great Ocean road.

    Q5: What has kept you motivated to raise so much money?

    Having a goal really helps! I’ve never taken on the challenge of fundraising before, although i’ve always wanted to, So I initially found the task ahead quite daunting. But the process seems to somehow grow you to meet the challenge. I am optimistic to go forward from here. I am reminded over and over of those who daily face poverty or disaster and without help may lose hope, this thought drives me to be bolder than I would normally be. I think that just being consistent has been the key, my wife tells me that research says people are more likely to respond if you approach them early in the week, Tuesday at the latest, and this seems to have helped.

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