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Fundraising Profile Claire Rabaa

Q1: What have you been doing to fundraise?

I created a Facebook photo album and every 1-2 days I post a photo of what achievements I've made on the bike, challenges or triumphs, and an insight into how I am preparing for the event (I only started cycling in September 2013). I systematically remind people of the link to my fundraising page and provide a week by week time countdown to the event. This approach alone brought in enough donations to reach my fundraising target of $1250. A plea for support saw my fundraising jump from $600 to target in the space of 2 days. Next I made some jewellery to sell at work. Fundraising efforts at work in the past (done by others) had done well when there was something tangible to 'purchase'. I used to make jewellery so was happy to donate my time and beads etc to make jewellery to sell. I made earrings and sold them for $5 each. So far I've raised over $180 just selling earrings, and they're still selling! Just this weekend I had a garage sale. I asked friends, family and colleagues to donate any useable unwanted goods- clothing, kitchenware, toys, books etc. A fair bit or sorting and organising later, this event raised $550. I had some help from family on the morning, and all went smoothly. The downside now is trying to give away all the leftover items to claim my garage back! I also approached local businesses that I support to support me. I first approached them in person, followed up with a formal email providing clear details about the ride and charity, and outlined the support I was seeking- a donation of money, or goods for a raffle; and awaited their replies (some I had to follow up with a phone call). I was able to secure a donated $240 voucher for Studio Pilates International in Hawthorne, a $250 bottle of Verve from Purple Palate in Hawthorne, and a $100 voucher from the Morrison Hotel. This then formed prizes for a raffle which, to date has raised over $150 and still going. My last fundraising event is going to be a sausage sizzle supported by Bulimba Woolworths. BBQ and space is supplied and 2 trolleys of soft drinks have been donated for me to sell!


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    Q2: How have you found peoples interest in what you are doing?

    I've actually been overwhelmed with the support and interest people have shown in my journey and fundraising efforts. I think because I am new to cycling, documenting my journey has been quite inspirational for a few people (at least that's what they've told me). Emotional interest is key, making people feel like they're part of the journey makes them invested in you...

    Q3: Have there been any surprises or interesting things happen to you as you fundraise?

    The whole process has been an interesting one for me. Seeing the generosity people have and the value they have for the Fred Hollows Foundation has been emotional and incredible to know the money I raise is going to such a good cause. I used to work in the Torres Straits, I lived on Thursday Island for a number of years. I didn't actually realise until I undertook this journey that Fred Hollows too worked in the Torres Straits. A story goes that he was on one of the Islands in the Torres Straits with another Doctor, waiting for patients to turn up to clinic. With no patients turning up he apparently turned to the other doctor and said, well we're not going to solve the problems of the world at this rate are we! This story amazes me, as little did Fred know at that time just how much he would be able to change the lives of those he so passionately worked for. His legacy lives on through the foundation and I'm so proud to be able to support that. 

    Q4: How is your training coming along?

    It really has been a physical and emotional journey for me in so many positive ways. I purchased my road bike in September 2013 a few weeks before I went overseas for 5 weeks. I joined a cycling club and since then have been building my skills and fitness on the bike. I'm stoked to report I completed the Rapha 500 over the Christmas break and now easily am averaging 250kms a week. I'm conquering hills I never dreamed I would be able to do (Mt Cootha!) and am officially hooked on cycling! Steady has been the key for me, and I'm feeling fit and strong for the ride ahead (and super excited!).

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    Q5: What has kept you motivated to raise so much money?

    A large part of motivation has come from peoples support, reactions and interest in what I'm doing. Particularly that people are sponsoring me makes me accountable to do the best I can. After reaching target I reset the target and let everyone know. I aim to double my fundraising target by the time I am on my bike in Geelong. At this rate I'm only $300 short of $2500 so can see the next target in sight.

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