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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 04:40

Facebook Fundraising Email

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Hey mate! So... I've become one of you. I've become a cyclists in the name of child poverty. But fear not - unlike the rest of the crew that are raising money .... I refuse to wear lycra!

And for that reason alone I think you should sponsor me if you can ; ) (No worries if you're not in a position to). So as you may or may not know i'm riding 300kms for child poverty in February along the Great Ocean rd. As you also may or may not know I'm a crap rider and have been busting my ass to try and get ready for this!!

And ... as you may or may not know we have a sponsorship target of $1,250 - currently I'm sitting pretty at $430. arrgghh!!!
So - I'm on the hunt for a donation ... of $10 or more ($1,000 would be useful at this stage hahaa). I'm riding for Compassion, the child sponsorship agency coz I sponsor a little girl called Yamerlin in the Dominican Republic. Its so awesome to see that a little bit of money goes so far and is so greatly appreciated.
I'm paying my own way to Victoria, and taking a few days off work to do it - so if you wanna sponsor me I'd be heaps thankful!! You can sponsor me online here: 
Or you can give me money offline - either way its all tax deductible.  Talk to you soon and join me in my cycling ban on lycra! ;)

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