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  • Rob Hansford
  • Rob Hansford
    Rob Hansford

    Name: Rob Hansford

    Interesting facts:
    Fact1: This will be my first time in Tasmania
    Fact2: This will be my first 25,000 spins ride
    Fact3: I have a gorgeous wife and 2 awesome sons

  • Kelvin Larwood
  • Kelvin Larwood
    Kelvin Larwood

    Name: Kelvin Larwood

    Interesting facts:
    Fact1: my 26th wedding anaversery is australia day
    Fact2: my wife is happy for me to go cycling this weekend
    Fact3: I have the best wife

  • Russell Lambe
  • Russell Lambe
    Russell Lambe

    Name: Russell Lambe

    Interesting facts:
    Fact1: Reluctant Mamil who enjoys riding
    Fact2: Looking forward to a great Tassie ride
    Fact3: Happily a Grandad

  • Craig Jeffries
  • Craig Jeffries
    Craig Jeffries

    Name: Craig Jeffries

    Interesting facts:
    Fact1: This is the 6th 25000spins ride I've done
    Fact2: If it goes fast, I'm interested
    Fact3: I'm a landscape photographer

  • Tim Cassimatis
  • Tim Cassimatis
    Tim Cassimatis

    Name: Tim Cassimatis

    Interesting facts:
    Fact1: Part of my spine in titanium
    Fact2: I once ate half a wetermelon
    Fact3: I don't enjoy fishing

    Choose which Country you want your tax receipt to be issued from.

    There are two event pages for the Tassie East Coast event to allow Australian's and New Zealander's to ride and receive tax receipts that relate to their country.  Click on the below Icon to go to the event page and sign up. Please note there is only one event which is along the East Coast of Tasmania in Australia. :)




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