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  • Rob Hansford
  • Rob Hansford
    Rob Hansford

    Name: Rob Hansford

    Interesting facts:
    Fact1: This will be my first time in Tasmania
    Fact2: This will be my first 25,000 spins ride
    Fact3: I have a gorgeous wife and 2 awesome sons

  • Kelvin Larwood
  • Kelvin Larwood
    Kelvin Larwood

    Name: Kelvin Larwood

    Interesting facts:
    Fact1: my 26th wedding anaversery is australia day
    Fact2: my wife is happy for me to go cycling this weekend
    Fact3: I have the best wife

  • Russell Lambe
  • Russell Lambe
    Russell Lambe

    Name: Russell Lambe

    Interesting facts:
    Fact1: Reluctant Mamil who enjoys riding
    Fact2: Looking forward to a great Tassie ride
    Fact3: Happily a Grandad

  • Craig Jeffries
  • Craig Jeffries
    Craig Jeffries

    Name: Craig Jeffries

    Interesting facts:
    Fact1: This is the 6th 25000spins ride I've done
    Fact2: If it goes fast, I'm interested
    Fact3: I'm a landscape photographer

  • Tim Cassimatis
  • Tim Cassimatis
    Tim Cassimatis

    Name: Tim Cassimatis

    Interesting facts:
    Fact1: Part of my spine in titanium
    Fact2: I once ate half a wetermelon
    Fact3: I don't enjoy fishing

    Choose which Country you want your tax receipt to be issued from.

    There are two event pages for the Tassie East Coast event to allow Australian's and New Zealander's to ride and receive tax receipts that relate to their country.  Click on the below Icon to go to the event page and sign up. Please note there is only one event which is along the East Coast of Tasmania in Australia. :)


    • Tassie East coast

    1. Overview
    2. MAP
    3. FAQ
    4. Day to Day

    Date: 26 January - 29 January 2018
    Charities you can Support: Tear Fund, Bikes4Life, Compassion. World Vision NZ,  ADRA NZ, ADRA Australia and Watoto Australia
    Registration fee: From $250 (includes 3 nights Accommodation, Food, Support etc.)
    Sponsorship target: $2,500
    Minimum fundraising: $1,250
    Distance: 150-190 miles (300 Km depending on the speed group)
    Fitness Level: The tour caters to someone with an average level of fitness. There will be a fast and slow group.

    What is included?

    1. Accommodation (3 nights).
    2. Food. Breakfast and lunch each day.
    3. Bike repair. A mechanic will be on the trip.
    4. A support van which carries your bags and are there to help and offer support during the ride.
    5. Tour guide.
    6. Trip video.

    Insurance and vaccinations

    It is a condition of joining our trips that you must be adequately insured. All persons are expected to arrange their own travel insurance.

    Cycle support and grading

    All of the time you will have the security of a back-up vehicle. The vehicle will carry our entire luggage (we transport your main baggage by support vehicle from each overnight stop to the next). The back up van will be with us throughout the day stopping around every 15 miles. Our leaders carry a good tool kit and will help to fix any bike problems so all you normally need to carry is a daypack, for your camera etc, however, we cannot guarantee that we will be equipped for all repairs, so you must ensure that your bike is in good working order before the tour. If in doubt, have it fully serviced by a bike shop before you travel.

    Equipment and bike stuff

    This tour is suitable for most bicycles; however, please ensure that you bike is in good working order before you leave on tour. If you are not the most mechanically minded we suggest that you get your bike looked at by a professional bike mechanic. In particularly we would suggest looking and adjusting all wheel spokes, greasing all your bearings, checking your brakes/gears cable, tighten all nuts and bolts, check chain, quick release clamps, tires and put in new inner tubes and check wheel rims are not worn. In addition make sure the bike is well serviced and ride it with as much care and attention as possible. We would also advise the following tools to accompany you on your tour: multi-tool, tyre levers, pump, 2 spare inner tube, if applicable, spares for any unique or high-tech items on your bike, e.g. fluid and bleed kit for hydraulic brakes. In terms of clothing this is clearly up to you and we can only supply a rough guide as to what to take. This guide is entirely flexible and should be tailored to your specific needs. Sunglasses, cycling footwear, Lightweight socks, 2

    How much money goes to charity?

    At 25000spins we pride ourselves on running professional trips at unbeatable value. Our core reason for running these cycle trips is to maximise the funds that actually reach the field and help people in need.

    The deposit amount you pay as a cyclists doesn’t fully cover the trip and event costs. For the first three years of operation 25000spins covered the balance of these trip costs. However as we expanded the number of trips offered and the number of people joining increased this was no longer sustainable.

    We invoice the balance (Trip costs – your deposit) of the trip costs back to the charity only when you successfully fundraise. If you don’t fundraise we don’t invoice the charity any money. We keep our trip costs as low as possible without impacting on your safety and enjoyment. 

    Is this trip for me?

    Absolutely! This trip is a fantastic challenge for anyone wanting to do something amazing for a great cause. There will be lots of like minded people on the trip all looking for the challenge of a lifetime and of course to meet new friends. Some people come with friends or family.Places are strictly limited so to avoid disappointment apply to join today.

    How fit do I need to be?

    We will be cycling as a group so you must be comfortable with group riding. The tour caters to the keen weekend cyclists. Riding in either the fast or slower groups depending on your experience and fitness. There will be support vans their all the way to help you reach your goal of cycling the Great Ocean rd.

    Is there a minimum to be raised?

    A minimum of $1,250 needs to be raised to join the trip.

    What if I don't raise the minimum of $1,250. Can I still go on the trip?

    You can either choose to top up your fundraising to reach the miniumum of $1,250 to join the trip or you will be charged a cancellation fee in addition to your sign up. 25000spins.com offers as much support as possible to avoid this situation happening.

    The tour

    The Tassie East Coast 4 day tour to help people in poverty. Our four day cycling tour begins in Launceston Tasmania and four days later we will arrive into Hobart to celebrate another successful trip. Riding as three cycle groups (social, medium and fast) of no more than 20 riders per group with a support van. The total distance covered is 300 km over four days (3 days cycling 1 day rest/exploring Wine Glass bay) depending on the speed group.



    Day 0

    Launceston to St Helens

    Catch the bus provided from Launceston to St Helens.
    Meals provided: n/a
    Accommodation: n/a Please book your own accommodation in St Helens. 

    Day 1

    St Helens to Coles Bay

    Accommodation : Hostel
    Meals provided: Lunch & snacks
    Distance: 105 Kilometers

    Day 2

    Coles Bay

    Today is a free day to take in mountains and explore the amazing Wine Glass bay region. You can spend the day cycling the region or hiking. 

    The seaside holiday village of Coles Bay sits beneath stunning, sheer pink granite mountains overlooking the calm, crystal clear water of Oyster Bay. 
    This pretty town is a great base to explore Freycinet National Park with its spectacular coastal scenery that includes famous Wineglass Bay, rated as one of the ten best beaches in the world.

    Accommodation : Hostel
    Meals provided: Breakfast & snacks 
    Distance: 0 Kilometers

    Day 3

    Coles Bay to Orford

    Heading out of the Freycinet National Park area and following the coastal road for a morning of cycling to the town of Orford. On the way we will be stopping for snacks and breaks.  

    Orford is a popular holiday township that offers riverside and bayside beauty, plenty of fun in the sun, interesting bushwalks and a great base from which to explore Maria Island National Park.
    The holiday township of Orford lies at the mouth of the Prosser River, opposite beautiful Maria Island, making it a perfect base for exploring the Maria Island National Park and its surrounding marine reserve. 
    Accommodation : Hotel
    Meals provided: Breakfast, Lunch & snacks
    Distance: 110 Kilometers

    Day 4

    Orford to Hobart

    The rider from Orford to Hobart has our two most challenging climbs of the 4 day event. 

    Hobart offers a contrasting blend of heritage, scenery and culture, with world class activities and attractions nearby. Nestled amongst the foothills of Mt Wellington, Hobart combines heritage charm with a modern lifestyle in a setting of exceptional beauty. It's no wonder Lonely Planet has called Hobart one of the top ten spots to visit in the world right now.
    Hobart is Tasmania's capital city and the second oldest capital in Australia, after Sydney. 

    Meals provided: Breakfast, Lunch & snacks
    Distance: 80 Kilometers




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