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Adeena Gerding

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    As a former anti-lycraist, I was hesitant to be joining the ride, but wearing the Jersey was an incredible feeling! being a part of a big team representing different charities all moving in the same direction had an epic feel about it. What a beautiful way to see one of Australia's greatest stretches of coastline!

    Kate Oswald

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    I'm so glad that I went on the ride, and that you persisted with me, as it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. What surprised me the most is how mentally refreshed I feel from being forced to switch off, being completely in the moment (surrounded by breath-taking views) and having to make new friends along the way. I can't speak more highly of it. Thank you so much Craig - you're doing really amazing things!! :)

    Devan Edwards

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    Fantastic! Great people, great cause, great time!

    Andrew Green

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    The 25000Spins adventure was life changing. It was a great ride with amazing people who shared everyone's pain and joy. There were gorgeous views and stunning locales, it had a good mix of challenging climbs and adrenalin filled straights. The support crew were always there when you needed and we're always good for a laugh. A true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    Tommy Diller

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  • IMG_8066

    Awesome trip!

    Lisa Diller

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  • IMG_0900

    This is a great way to bond with others while achieving a big challenge for yourself. I got to be part of a
    great charity, and link the friends who sponsored me to a nonprofit that's doing good in the world. And then
    the challenge of doing this ride helped me stretch myself and learn to depend on others. When I was going
    through difficult sections of the ride, I remembered what we were doing it for, the kids who lacked basic
    needs, and the many people who sacrificed financially to help with this project. My job was to do the hard
    ride, so it motivated me to live up to my part of the combined effort.

    Monday, 13 April 2015 06:38

    Get Involved

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    Volunteer Roles

    We’re looking for capable, committed and talented people to join our Official Support Team and be part of this unforgettable experience.

    Here is a brief overview of the roles available and the kind of skills and experience we are hoping to bring to the roles. More detailed Position Descriptions and instructions will be provided to our confirmed Support Crew closer to the 25000spins Cycle. All roles require a full driver’s licence and minimum six year’s driving experience. To express your interest in volunteering please complete the form at this link or please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to express your interest.


    We have three role types

    1. Support driver/accommodation co-ordinator/Refresh & refuel
    2. Photographer/ Social Media Co-ordinator
    3. Cycle Mechanics

    The support drivers cover off a number of different roles. They are the awesome jack of all trades and master of all. :)

    • accommodation co-ordinator,
    • vehicle driver and
    • refresh/refuel person all rolled into one.

    Support driver

    Part of the role as support driver - Vehicle Drivers

    The 25000spins Cycle travels in pelotons/groups of up to 30 cyclists, travelling at an average 25 -30km per hour. Safety is the most important thing on the road and each peloton is followed by cars with flashing lights. We are seeking experienced, safe drivers with an understanding and awareness of road issues that affect cyclists. Preference will be given to qualified paramedics/medical staff.

    You’ll be responsible for ensuring the correct route is loaded onto GPS systems and followed each day in tandem with printed route maps. We are seeking people with a confident, mature and calm outlook who possess an understanding and awareness of road issues that affect cyclists.

    Part of the role as support driver - Accommodation Co-ordinator

    The 25000spins Cycle will stay at a different town each night and our Accommodation Co-ordinator is the link between The 25000spins Cycle and the accommodation provider. This role liaises with the hotel/motel to ensure they are prepared for our arrival each day. The role is also the point of contact for our cyclists who may have questions/issues with accommodation along the way. We are seeking someone with good organisation/admin skills and experience, and strong interpersonal communication skills that enjoy dealing with people.

    Cyclist’s luggage and event equipment will be transported each day in the van you are driving. The support driver loads the vehicle each morning before the riders set off.  Our van driver needs to be experienced drivers. Please note that this is a physical role and will involve lifting and setting up equipment/luggage within tight time frames.

    Part of the role as support driver - Refresh & Refuel Rest Stop

    Along the route the 25000spins Cycle will have regular Refresh & Refuel stops for cyclists to take a break, and enjoy some food and drinks to keep them energised and hydrated for the remainder of the day.

    As the refresh and Refuel crew you will set up and dismantle these stops. They are also responsible for collecting additional supplies each day from pre-arranged shops/bakeries and keeping a track of what we are running low on (i.e. water). You will need to notify the event manager.  Please note that this is a physical role and will involve lifting and setting up equipment within tight timeframes.

    Photographer/ Social Media Co-ordinator

    The 25000spins Cycle is an epic cycling adventure and we’re seeking an experienced and talented photographer to capture the experience for us. You’ll travel along the course and set up photo opportunities at key locations and work with our PR and Social Media Co-ordinator to provide images to websites and social media.

    Keeping in contact with our supporters and the media when we’re on the road through the 25000spins Cycle blog and social media is vital. We need to make it easy for our cyclists to keep in contact with and update their family, friends and supporters on their journey. You will be responsible for writing and uploading daily blogs and social media updates across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and providing social media tools for our cyclists to use each day. We anticipate considerable media interest along the way and you will be the primary point of contact for media. This role ideally suits someone with experience in PR/Marketing and with solid technical knowledge and social media/writing skills. The role is not expected to conduct media interviews.

    Cycle Mechanics

    We are seeking experienced cycle mechanics to ride with us in the pelotons and to follow in support vehicles

    Mechanics will be experienced cyclists with a can do attitude and able to carry out running roadside repairs to keep cyclists on the road. In the evenings they will carry out repairs and services as required to ensure that the cyclist’s bikes are in good condition for the following day. We’ll provide equipment and spares, though you should bring your tools.


    Stephen Puzey

  • IMG_3850
  • IMG_3850

    Tour well organised and people from all walks of life catered for appropriately. The ride caters for all riders, from slow to fast, hill climbers to level ground. Country side taken showcases the area. Very Enjoyable.

    Kylie Hay

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  • IMG_3150

    These are superb trips that not only raise money to make a real difference for children in need but where you also get to see amazing scenery, make lifelong friendships and get fit doing so. Totally worth the effort of training and fundraising!!!

    Timote Timote

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  • IMG_3200

    What an awesome event.  Well organised. Thank you to the Queenstown Classic team.

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