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Where: Serenda Albania

Distance: 3,150 km

  • Reaching the top
  • Reaching the top
    Reaching the top

    Sometimes the difference between breaking and making it is a simple as a light breeze on your face.

    Corfu - Day 58

    Where: Corfu Greece

    Distance: 3,300 km

    Sorry about the video not sure why I said I am on the island of Crete :). I am on the island of Corfu. Camera shy I guess.

    Corfu is a Greek island at the entrance to the Adriatic sea. It is a mountainous island with thick vegetation and long sandy beaches. I found out that they even have small waves.

    Chilling - Day 60

    Where: Yacht (Paleros) Greece

    Distance: 3,500 km

  • Tunnel Ride
  • Tunnel Ride
    Tunnel Ride

    Two days ago I was cycling along the road singing to myself when two other cyclists rode up next to me and startled me. Both Sebastian and Grant are cycling from the top of Scotland to South Africa. A journey of 25,000 km. It makes my ride look tiny. You can check out their site at http://www.cyclenorthsouth.co.za/

    Where: 100 km from Athens

    Distance: 3,650 km

    The last few hours have been surreal. As the suns soft rays slowly fade over the blue ocean. In the distance I can see the smog of Athens. The rest of my journey is flat and I am tracing the ocean all the way into the Akropolis. Its hard for days to get better than this.

    “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” Edmund Hillary

    Yeeeehar :) - Day 65

    Where: Akropolis Athens

    Distance: 3,750 km

    A video of me getting excited before the arrival into Athens. Abit stupid but hay. :) You will just have to imagine the arrival into the Akropolis.

    All smiles. :). Time to celebrate.

    Where: London


    Since the end of the adventure I have had a mixture of emotions. Being alone for so long confirmed my belief that there is much more to life than seeing spectacular places, being wild and facing new challenges. Being alone means you are completely reliant on yourself for motivation. Nobody is checking up on you, nobody praises you if you ride an extra long day, nobody cares if you take the easy road or raises an eyebrow if you spend frivolously or if you avoid a challenge that frightens you. I realise more than ever the importance of self belief for how happy you feel.


  • Sunsets
  • Sunsets


    I believe we underestimate our capabilities. Too often we strive for and achieve only what we believe we can achieve. We should aim higher. Aim for the stars-you may not hit them but you'll get close. We settle for too few accomplishments and we are not satisfied with what we have. I know on my ride I sometimes found myself wishing for what "would of, could of and should have been".


    I think the greatest barrier to success and happiness is the fear of failure.

    If there was one song to sum up all that I learnt or could take away from the trip it would have to be. U2 One. We get to carry each other.


    One days wages

    Where: London


    Over the last almost two months I have been fairly busy organising next years trip and speaking to as many people as I can find to join in on the trip and help make a difference. Lately I have been going to my local gym most days to join in the spin classes. Exhausting work let me tell you :). This gives me an opportunity to chat with the people at the end and ask them to perhaps use the trip to Paris as a physical goal and a life approach goal.

    Day one of the trip from London to Paris. London to Newhaven.



    Training in Australia

    Where: Brisbane Australia

    Km Log: Training.


    Don't wait for something big to occur. Start where you are, with what you have, and that will always lead you into something greater. Mary Manin Morrissey

    wind and sand
    waves at burleigh heads
  • wind and sand
  • horizons
  • waves at burleigh heads



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