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Where: Luzern
Distance: 1,320 km


Luzern is a beautiful city nestled between mountains, with a lovely lake lapping on its shores. About seven years earlier I had visited the town with my brother and was looking forward to re-acquainting myself with it.


Luzern Part 1


Where: St Moritz
Distance: 1,600 km

After a lovely cycle past sparkling lakes we arrived in Chur. That night we stayed at Trent’s relatives place. They live high in the mountains accessible by a white knuckle ride by car. That night we slept in the hay which was an experience! Other than the field mice running around my head it was a very peaceful night’s sleep.

  • Roll in the hay
  • Roll in the hay
    Roll in the hay

    Flying high - Day 26

    Where: Trento
    Distance: 1,700km



    Where: Venice
    Distance: 1,850 km

    On the last day Trent and I each wore the 25000spins jersey. It was a great feeling of achievement to know that Trent and I had cycled from Trafalgar square in London to Venice Italy. From tree lined boulevards to rolling sun kissed meadows to mountains that stretched out to touch the clouds. Today also had touches of sadness as riding as a team had finished. From tomorrow when I face a strong wind or ride up a mountain or see a stunning view I will face these battles and joys alone.

  • Venice
  • Venice

    Croatia - Day 30

    Where: Pula to Cres
    Distance 1,900 km

    The first day cycling on my own started off early. I headed into the town centre of Pula to check out the Roman arena and book my ferry across to a near by island. My plan was to ferry hop my way down to Split.

    Accident - Day 32

    Where: Rijeka

    Distance: 2,100 km

  • Accidents happen
  • Accidents happen
    Accidents happen

    It was a 11.15 and I had been on the road since 8.30. The steep rugged hills of Croatia were already taking their toll. The relentless sun and the jagged mountains dropping into the deep blue of the sea made for a spectacular backdrop.

    I had just arrived by ferry from the island of Cres and was making my way to Rijeka.

    Recovering - Day 35

    Where: Croatian Coast Sailing

    Distance: 2,100 km

  • Hvar Croatia
  • Hvar Croatia
    Hvar Croatia

    For the next 8 days I have joined a sailing boat which is hoping from island to island. I am travelling from Split down as far as Dubrovnik then back upto Korcula and finally arriving back in Split.

    Where: Dubrovnik

    Distance: 2,300 km

    After a week relaxing on the Island of Korcula with my Aunties family I feel refreshed and certainly a lot fatter than I arrived. Most of life in the village of Blato revolves around food. Every opportunity is ceased for some celebrations. To eat, tell stories and jokes are a central part of life. It is certainly a great way to live.

    Short but sweet - Day 49

    Where: Montenegro border

    Distance: 2,650 km

  • Leap of faith
  • Leap of faith
    Leap of faith

    The coast of Montenegro is like an enchanting picture book. On this journey so often I found that pictures and videos just don't capture the dramatic views. Sadly I cannot lend you my eyes as much as I wish that I could.

    Albania- Day 52

    Where: Vlore Albania

    Distance: 2,850 km

    Albania is a crazy place. I have only cycled about 30 km and I have already been high fived twice. I have been cheered by kids and nearly killed by mad drivers.



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