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The final group training ride this weekend before we meet again as a group in Melbourne to begin our ride along the Great Ocean rd. The Brisbane river loop is now open again after the floods so we will be doing the 40km ride on the weekend.

The cyclists go crazy

The cyclists have blown my own expectations on fundraising out of the water.

The target this year was to raise $28,000 which I felt was a fairly difficult but an achievable goal. However as a team we have raised over $38,000. Wow.

This is also at a time when Australians have been hit by natural disasters. Makes you feel proud to be Australian.

Day 1 Great Ocean rd

Day 1 began at an hour you shouldn't be awake. Feeling a tad chilly we headed out from Geelong at just after 6am. The sun still hadn't greeted the day.

The day couldn't have been more perfect. Racing past Bells beach we made our way along the Great Ocean rd. The sun was fully up now and sparkled off the ocean. We snaked our way along the stunning coast each turn bringing us to another magical bay or stunning hills and cliffs.

Our first long drink and refuel stop was at Lorne. A town you could happily spend a few days in.

Not long after leaving Lorne the wind picked up.  See the below route map and Stats. A better update will follow when I am back home.

Day 2 Great Ocean Rd

We started in Apollo bay which is where we spent the night. What an amazing day. We had it all. Hills, flats, amazing downhills. If I had to pick a day this would be my favourite.

  • 12 apostles 2011
  • 12 apostles 2011
    12 apostles 2011

    Day 3 Great Ocean Rd

    A sweet feeling to ride into Warrnambool.

  • group
  • group

    The money raised for the Botswana Orphan project will go to build a classroom for the orphanage in Thamaga. See the plans for the classroom.. The money will also help kick start the new orphanage. A few stories of some of the children who will attend the orphanage have been compiled by Carla Tagg about some of the children who the Botswana Orphan project will look after through the orphan program in Maun.
    These funds will go towards a new pilot project. This project works with albino children and their families in Tanzania, addressing issues to do with household income and further reducing the risks associated with poverty. It will also address issues to do with the safety of albino children who in Tanzania are prime targets for witch doctors, who use their body parts for black magic. See project summary.
    In Hyde park London helping out with the Get Active campaign.



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