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So who are 25000spins?

25000spins designs, manages and leads bespoke cycle charity challenges for people of all ages and fitness levels. Our trips cater to the expert rider through to the less experienced riders. Our adventures raise on average between $50,000 and $210,000 for charities around the world. 

How 25000spins work with charities

25000spins are experts at fundraising and we work one-on-one with your community fundraisers and act as an extension of the charities team, handling supporter enquiries, communicating with riders and converting them into fundraisers committed to your cause. We work closely with the riders to ensure they are on track with their fundraising and training, ready for an adventure with heart.

25000spins is dedicated to helping reduce global poverty and making a difference in our world.

Every minute 17 children somewhere in our world die due to poverty related causes. This is shocking and 25000spins mission is to make a real change. Children suffer the worst from poverty because they are unable to overcome this nightmare. Be part of the solution and help make a difference and be part of the ride to save lives and children from poverty.

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    How much have we raised so far?

    Why 25000spins?

    The shocking facts:

    • 25,000 children under the age of 5 die each day due to poverty-related causes.
    • Number of children in the world 2.2 billion. Number in poverty 1 billion (every second child).

    In November 2008 I was wishing to do some sort of challenge and to do something new. At the time I was working for an investment bank in London and life in so many ways was amazing for me.

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  • P1070682_opt

    I decided to set about organizing a challenge to ride from London to Athens in the summer of 2009. My aim was to raise £25,000 for children in need. My trip of roughly 4,000 km to Athens would have my legs doing approx. 25,000 spins per day. Shockingly 25,000 children die everyday, £25,000 to raise and 25,000 leg spins per day. Hence the reason for the name 25000spins.


    We are very pleased to tell you that the money raised by the cyclists support either ADRA, UNICEF, Botswana Orphan project, World Vision, Fred Hollows Foundation, Watoto, Tear Fund,  Compassion. We use a third party company gofundraise to manage this process. So how does 25000spins afford to keep trips going with such low entry fees to the riders? A typical cycle holiday costs $700 per day so a 3 day cycle would typically cost a rider $2,100 to go on whereas a rider can go on the 3 day Great Ocean rd cycle event for $150. How is this possible? Because we believe in each of the charity partners we work with and ride, fundraise and donate we believe in a true partnership. 25000spins doesn't charge any fixed costs to the charity but only charge back based upon how much is raised because we want to truly partner with the charities and take on the event related risks ourselves and not pass these onto the charity. If $100 is raised 25000spins will charge on average $16 to a charity partner to cover the event related costs (Accommodation, food, support, video, photography, insurance, fundraising platform, cycle jerseys, transport, IT costs, admin etc.).

    Our Vision

    25000spins.com is a non-profit business dedicated to making a difference to children in need. Our vision is to not only make the lives of children better but to empower and challenge the people involved in the physical challenges.

    Personal Service

    Our focus at 25000spins is to provide you with the best service in the adventure charity cycling space. We are independently owned and our team is made up of dedicated cyclists and support people, who regularly take part in our trips. Director, Craig Shipton is an experienced and enthusiastic cyclist, who is able to discuss any of our trips with you and advise you on how best to prepare. Steph, can assist you in all aspects of your trip.  You are very welcome to call or email at any time. 

    Golden Rules

    25000spins is about people achieving extraordinary things. This is made possible by all spinners adhering to the following Golden Rules.

    1. Stay positive at ALL times.
    2. T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More.
    3. Set challenging goals, write them down, train hard and you will achieve them. (No excuses!)
    4. Buy quality gear. (This will save you money and could save your life)
    5. Don’t come home from training or trips tired. Be energized & happy.
    6. Bring MORE than you take away.

    Our Trip Guarantee

    When we guarantee a trip and you book it, we promise that:

    • The trip will run.
    • It will leave on the date advertised 

    Our aim is to remove the risks to you when you book. All our trips are guaranteed. We remove the risk for you of being forced to cancel or change your planned leave to keep your hopes of travelling on an adventure alive. We also take on risks such as the trip costing more because a supplier has raised a surcharge at the last minute - in short, we pay this, you do not. Our Trip Guarantee means, you can book with confidence knowing that, once you have, you are on your way to an adventure, as planned without any worries.

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